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                                                          Characters and Performances


A great film truly would not be a great film if it wasn't for the characters in it. Understanding character roles is never limited, we often find some that stick in our memories longer than others and others whom tend to be quite forgettable. There are symbolic characters, mythic characters, fantasy characters, even nonhuman characters. Sometimes a group all share the same role, and characters often play more than one role at a time. Some are one-string characters, appearing in only a few scenes, and others are intricate to the sub-plot, having their own line of action connected to the main conflict.


Character roles have infinite possibilities, and they can be defined in different ways, but when it comes to designing those roles, there is one absolute: every character has a role to play.


For Example


Warrior: A Warrior is a hero that has expertise in combat or warfare. This type of hero rises to the occasion by taking on a leadership position, and becomes extremely influential within his or her own circle. Warriors can be motivated by revenge, oppression, or moral responsibility. The traditional warriors tends to be serious and driven, often using action instead of dialogue to achieve their means. This role tends to skew more towards males, although female warriors tend to have a strong presence in historic films too.


Rivals: Rivals are adversaries. They are supporting characters who dislike the hero, creating minor obstacles, but since they don’t oppose the hero's objectives, they’re not antagonists.



What Makes a Character ?


  • Performance

  • Star Persona

  • Script

  • Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Class etc

  • Recognition

  • Relationship with the audience etc




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