'World Cinema' Lecture Notes

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World Cinema


       World Cinema is foreign (both in terms of non-English language and its breaking of mainstream – Hollywood – conventions).

       World Cinema offers a different kind of viewing experience (intellectual art cinema).

       World Cinema is less commercial than Hollywood.

       Hollywood dominates world screens.

       Hollywood is American.


Great Example:


Nine Queens as Transnational Cinema


       Transnational – reaching beyond national boundaries.

       Part of a new wave of Latin American urban dramas (Cidade of Deus, Amores Perros, Y Tu Mama Tambien etc).

       Influenced by US thrillers, gangster films, David Mamet, Tarantino.

       Very successful on international film festival circuits.

       Nine Queens – subsequently remade in the US (Criminal, 2004) and the basis for three Bollywood films.


Famous World Cinema Films:


1.    House of flying daggers - Chinese

2.    Amelie - French

3.    City of God – Brazilian etc


(Information gathered from Seminar Slides via Unihub)

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